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The roofing of the terrace allows you to stay outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. The roof of the terrace will make you unheeded by excessive sunlight or rain. See what are the pros and cons of roofing the terrace.

If the terrace is located on the north side, you have to reckon with the fact that, although the roof will protect us from rain, the roof, even translucent, will significantly reduce the amount of daylight in the rooms. If the terrace is from the south or west, and the plot is densely sheltered, it may turn out that a full canopy additionally darkens the interior of the house. Shading can be desirable only on hot and sunny days, which in our climate we do not have much.

On cloudy days, we usually miss the sun and we rather do not want to deprive ourselves of the positive energy that gives us the sunshine. In turn, the use of transparent roofing from the south will make the space under it warm on hot days. For it one need to hire roofing repair services

Terrace roofing in line with the house shape

The roof of the terrace, even light and transparent, will be interference in the shape of the house, which is why its design is best entrusted to the architect. The visor should fit the house shape, materials used, colour. Otherwise, we will roof the terrace in a modernist house with a flat roof, otherwise in an old wooden house.

It is necessary to carefully analyze the contacts of the designed roof with the walls and adjust it to the arrangement of the window openings. The lowest level of the planned roofing and construction pillars should not enter the light of windows and doors. Terrace roofing can be based on steel or wooden pillars or be bracketed on the house wall.

The roof on the pillars may have a greater spread, but they may hinder the rational use of the terrace surface. The bracket cantilever does not interfere with the development of the space; however, its spread is limited. It is worthwhile that cross-sections of wooden, steel or aluminium structural profiles should be determined by a person authorized to do so, due to the need to take into account snow load and wind pressure. The effect of shading the terrace can also be obtained in a different, less invasive way, e.g. by means of movable awnings fastened to the house wall or pergolas with climbing greenery. For more detail contact home roofing contractor


A huge plus of the outdoor terrace is the unlimited access to the light in the room directly adjacent to it, which is especially important in winter. An additional advantage is reheating the interior with sunlight, especially if the terrace is on the south side. The advantage is also that our field of vision is limitless. We watch the garden, sky and sun in all its glory.

Protect against wind

The roof will shield the terrace from the sun and rain, but it will not reduce the wind problem. In our climatic zone the winds that blow from the west and north are the most troublesome, so it is worth isolating the terrace from this side, for example with a wall or a wall of greenery.

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