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Question to ask from roofing contractor

Are you prepared to sign the agreement with your commercial roofing contractor for the commercial roof repair project that you budgeted for? Roof repairing and maintenance need the involvement of skilled professionals, and hence you should only hire a commercial roofing contractor in Peoria. We insist not to start the project until you interview the roofer company and ask these 9 questions.

1. Are you a licensed company?

A roofing company offering commercial roof repairing services should be a licensed one. Whenever you are hiring a contractor, you must ask them about the license and its tenure. You, need to look for a licensed contractor in your city. In case you have single doubt on the authenticity of the service provider as for the copy of the license. A reputed company will never mind sharing the same with you.

2. Do you have proof of insurance?

Professional commercial roofing companies should have insurance that will cover their work, employees, or damage to client property that happened due to an accident. If a company is not insured then all the liabilities will lie on you, and you should not hire such a company. Hence, whenever you are searching for a contractor for roof repairing, you should hire a company that has General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Comp Insurance cover.

3. How many years of experience you have in the industry?

The more experience roofing companies have, the higher will be the chances of accuracy in their work. You may find lots of companies offering commercial roofing services, but how many of them have the required experience? So, if you give the project of roof maintenance to an inexperienced contractor, then facing difficulty will be very common to witness. Ask the contractor about their exposures and years of experience in roof repairing. If you find the experience satisfactory for you, then go for it.

4. Will the old roof be stripped off?

Many roof-repairing contractors will suggest your placement of shingles over the existing one mentioning that this will save your time and budget as the old roof, is in good condition. But, unless they strip the old roof, they will not know the prime cause of the problem. Hence, here you should make sure that the contractors inspect to go to the root of the existing roof and diagnose the problem.

5. Are you taking safety precautions during work?

Expert and top-rated commercial roofing companies will always ensure to take all required protective measures for the safety of the property at the time of work. You should ask your contractor about the protective measures they are taking to keep the property safe during work.

6. Where is your physical office?

If you start searching for commercial roofing companies near me, you will get a huge list of reputed roofing companies in your city. But, here, you need to be confirmed whether these companies have their office near to you or not. A locally established company will connect with you whenever you face any problem relating to roof maintenance or repairing.

7. How many years of Roof warranty will you give?

Before you hire a roofing company, it is necessary to ask whether they provide a warranty, for their work or not. Professional commercial roofing contractors in Glendale will always give a warranty for their work.

8. Is there any subcontracting aspect that you will implement in my job?

Many roof contractors subcontract their task to other labors those charge lower price. It means the persons who will do your work are not the same as with whom you talked about your project. If you feel uncomfortable with subcontracting, then you need to make it clear to the roofing companies.

9. Will you share with me an estimated cost for my project?

Estimation is something which you need to know before you start work. Ask for a written estimation from the roofer.

Above are the selected few questions that we wish you to ask your commercial contractor before hiring.

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