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Whether you are a homeowner or commercial owner, maintenance of a building is a difficult process. You often face issues like mold growth, water damage, etc. Similarly, facing roof problems are the major concern of a house or commercial owner. Often people procrastinate to identify or ignore these problems thinking they are not necessary or not a major issue. However ignoring these issues reduces the life of a healthy home, some issues can even cause the roof to collapse. Therefore it’s important to identify these issues as soon as possible and contact a quality roof repairing phoenix roofing contractor.

Here is a list of 8 most common roofing problems you should not ignore:

Roof leaks: Roof leaks are one of the most common issues faced by people when water starts leaking from the roof because of some cracks on flashing, broken shingles, or damage in the attic, ignoring this issue can worsen the problem and invitation other roof problems, so you should consult professional roofing repair phoenix, they will find the root cause of the leakage and will give you the best possible solution.

How do you know you need a roof repair or replacement?

How can you identify if there is need for Phoenix Roofing Contractor?

Water Damage: Climate change can also affect the roof like heavy rainfalls, although rainfall cannot harm a good quality roof standing water on the roof due to rain can harm the roof in the long run as it will make the roof weak and will also damage the walls which can be extremely dangerous. Flat roofs with water pools lead to slight slant which causes dips and divots. Using a pump to pull out the standing water or making a sloped roof can solve this problem. Also, you can consult a roof replacement phoenix company to get rid of it.

Tree damages: Trees in your garden can be beneficial but trees near your roof can harm your roof in various ways falling leaves can clog your gutter system, falling of heavy branches or even the tree on your roof during heavy storms can damage the roof, it’s important to check and tear up the Branches of the tree near your roof to prevent the damages as prevention is always better than repair.

Damages from Snow: In winters when the roof gets covered with snow can be harmful sometimes as an overload of snow on the roof will put stress on the roof which may lead to collapse, also The heat coming from the house will start melting the snow and the melted snow will naturally find its way under the shingles and flashing which can cause leakage from the roof. It’s important to remove the snow from the roof from time to time to prevent future damage.

Poor Flashing Installation: Flashing is used to cover the points where chimneys, vents, and skylights join with the roof. These are the sensitive points on the roof which require extra protection, so poor Flashing Installation can harm these points during times of snow, hail storms, and winds which can cause leaks from the roof. So, while flashing installation makes sure the worker should be good at his work and flashing should be installed properly.

Poor Roof material: Sometimes to make quick profits, the roof contractors use average-quality roof materials. Which do not have much life and get damaged easily and will impact your pocket. So it’s important to give contracts to an experienced and trusted contractor and use good quality materials to make roofs that can handle different climate conditions and will stay for a longer period as saving money on buying average quality material can make you spend even more after some time. An experienced and good-quality phoenix roofing contractor will recommend and use high-quality material for your residential roofing issues.

Shingles Damage: Shingles usually get damaged due to fast winds which loosen the shingles and blow them away. It can easily be identified by just an inspection, these shingles’ damages or missing shingles should be repaired immediately as it can be a major cause of leakage in the house. Rather than taking it lightly or using a DIY method, contact experts for better identification of roofing companies problems and solutions.

Moss: When your roof is under the shade of trees it increases the moisture on the roof which helps in the growth of moss. But how can some moss damage your roof? Moss absorbs water so every time it rains moss absorbs water and grows between the cracks of each shingle which can cause leakage and the bacteria produced by moss can be harmful to roofs and walls for a long period, so it is better to get rid of moss by consulting a professional.

Conclusion: These are some of the most common residential roofing problems you might experience at your home. It’s important to regularly inspect or have an annual inspection to ensure your roof health is not deteriorating. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned roofing problems, immediately contact the experienced phoenix roof replacement services to repair or replace your roof.

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