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If raindrops fall on your head – inside your home – it may be the time to realize that your home needs a roof replacement. But even in that case, it may not be necessary to do so.

Even if you think you should replace the entire roof that may not be necessary

There are many variables that can affect the performance and durability of the roof. Is there any way to know that you need residential roofing services or not?

5 Signs That Tell You That You Need To Replace the Ceiling or Not

  1. Do you have leaks? Periodically check the attic, especially after storms or in case you notice a build-up of ice in the eaves. Look for signs of water penetration, because it is likely that significant leaks inside the home originate there. However, keep in mind that water can travel a considerable distance – for example, through beams or inside walls – from the point where it infiltrates to the point where it is finally seen.As mentioned above, it may not be necessary to replace the entire roof to correct this problem. Maybe some tiles have been blown up or a flashing has been broken, and this has caused the roof platform located below to be exposed to climatic factors.

    Whatever the case, never hesitate to request an inspection from roofing companies and correct the situation immediately, before the problem worsens, the repair has a higher cost or, indeed, it is necessary to replace the entire roof. Most professional roofers offer economic inspection services.

  2. The growth of mold or mildew in the ceiling (ceiling) or walls can be a sign of leaks in the roof, the result of condensation problems or even a simple matter of plumbing. Verify that the insulation is dry, that your home has adequate ventilation and that the fittings and pipes of the bathroom are not leaking or transpiring. This type of problem may be corrected for a lower cost than replacing the roof.
  3. The structural problems sometimes are not taken into account as a possible cause of leaks from the roof. The roof line can sink regardless of the age or architectural style of the home.
  4. The hail is one of the most destructive natural forces. Fortunately, it is a relatively rare event, although some areas are more prone to hail storms than others.
    The damage caused by hail varies considerably depending on several factors, such as the size and weight of the stones, the outside temperature (because the tiles become more fragile when the weather is cold) and the angle at which the stones hit the ground. roof, among others.
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