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You stand out on the curb and admire your new roof. It looks so bright and clean that you hope it will always stay that way. Then you start to worry about what it takes to keep a new roof from aging before its time. With these tips, you can preserve the condition of your roof a little longer, keeping it a prize for your home and the neighborhood.

Proper Cleaning

Besides years of wear, debris and standing water on a roof can be the worst thing for a roof. Many homeowners detest brushing falling leaves and dirt off the roof, but a clogged drainage could spell doom for a roof and the housing structure underneath. Standing water is a haven for insects, rodents and other pests. Brush debris off your tile roof, but be sure to ask your local roofing contractors how best to walk on your style of roofing without damaging the tiles or shingles.


A lot of homeowners only go up to the roof if there is a problem. However, this is not the wisest practice to keep the roof upright and in good condition for decades. Routine maintenance once a year is key to preventing common roofing problems such as leaks or mold growth from progressing unchecked. Scheduling professional service from Phoenix roofers allows you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your roof is in good hands. A standard roofing inspection and maintenance may include:

  • Debris removal
  • Inspection and replacement of tiles or shingles
  • Chimney and skylight inspection
  • Checking for leaks
  • Analyzing the condition of soffits, fascia and eaves

If there is a problem, your residential roofing contractors can arrange for mitigation or repair for the problem.

Seasonal Preparation

Even in areas with a mild winter, it is still better to solve any issues with the roof long before the cold weather arrives. Changes in temperature cause the exterior structure of the home to expand and contract, which can create cracks or make existing cracks worse. If you do not take care of them before a big rainstorm, you may discover a puddle in your attic or even in the primary living areas of the home.


In a lot of cases, minor concerns with a roof, such as a broken tile or missing shingles, are fairly easy to repair. A leaking chimney might simply need new flashings, which are relatively inexpensive and not terribly time-consuming to replace. Getting repairs as soon as possible is crucial to preventing damage to the underlayment or the home structure below. Not all roofing companies will offer roofing repairs, so finding the right roofing repair company for your Scottsdale home is best to do well in advance of an urgent situation. Keep the phone number handy so you can schedule a consultation when you need it.

A new roof is designed to last for as little as five years or many decades. You may be surprised to learn that maintenance plays a tremendous role in a roof’s lifespan. By paying extra attention to cleaning, maintenance, seasonal upkeep and prompt repairs, you will enjoy your beautiful roof for a long time to come.

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