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Roof Framing

There is no denying that people are gradually becoming very creative while building their house. You must have seen different shapes and types of roofs such as hipped, shed, gable, flat, mansard and gambrel. Some houses have combinations of different roof types on a roof. Roof framing is the foundation of a house that provides stability and strength to the architecture, and protects it from adverse weather conditions. Roof framing is a complicated art of carpentry, as it involves various angles, tricks and nuances.

Framing must be strong enough to withstand all weather conditions with a minimum maintenance. Roof styles, materials and pitch create unique architectural effects to a house; though, the roofing designs have different functionality and requirements. For instance, the triangular shaped gable roof easily causes snow, leaves, rain and any kind of debris to fall off the roof, but there are different types of steep grades and pitch that are efficient for water run-off.

A roof, conventionally, includes collar ties, rafters, a ridge board and ceiling joists, while the complex roof consists of jack rafters and valley rafters. There are various natural materials and man-made products used for roof framing such as slate and sheet metal, plastic polymers and asphalt. While selecting roof material, various factors need to be considered.

Factors to Check Before Selecting Roof Material

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular types of roofing, which are quite durable, eco-friendly and least expensive. These are available in a variety of colors, styles, thickness and textures. Asphalt shingles are of two types – Organic shingles and Fiberglass shingles, which are widely used for smaller residential houses, single homes and sloped roofs. The Organic shingles with asphalt coating are more waterproof, while the Fiberglass shingles are known for its fire resistibility. Unlike, the other roofing materials, the asphalt shingles are easy to install and light weight.

The metal roofing lasts longer since it is made of aluminum, zinc alloy, steel and copper. The steel roofs are available with painted finish and zinc coating options. These are non-combustible, borer and termite proof, and don’t require any chemical treatments for pest attack. Most roofs, today, are made of pre-fabricated trusses, which are easy to install and complement modern architectural designs.

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