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Steps to Repair a Concrete Tile Roof

concrete tile roof repair | Almeida Roofing

Steps to Repair a Concrete Tile Roof

If you have a concrete tiles fixed on your roof, which makes it appealingly beautiful and promises a longer shelf life, but have a strong chances of cracking when exposed to extreme temperature conditions, you will fall in dire need of Tile roof services in Phoenix every now and then. Well if your roof is damaged and is demanding immediate tile roof repair, there might not be any alternative but to replace damaged tiles.

If you have taken the tile roof cost estimate from a contractor which is high but are willing to perform the repair task on your own, below mentioned are certain important steps that can help you do the job just right. The entire task is simplified in a few steps which can help any novice to carry out Tile roofing repair Phoenix safely. All that they need are necessary tools and considering some safety precautions to repair a concrete tile roof like a pro.

  1. Safety is Vital: To begin the job, always ensure that you have important safety tools and garments such as leather gloves along with protective eye glasses. Have a firm ladder in place. While climbing on the tile roof, it is important to watch the step to avoid damaging other tiles.
  2. Replacing the Tile: In case of replacement, ensure that newly bought titles are exact match with the already installed concrete tile roof. Best it to know the tile’s model number and manufacturer details post which you can search the market to get the exact fit.
  3. Using a Crowbar: Place the crowbar below the damaged portion of tile and move it to the left hand tile tip to lift it. Proceed to slowly removing the same by applying light pressure on the tool.
  4. Placing the New Tile: Once extracted, gently place the new tile in the respective spot and snap it so that it gets fixed securely onto roof.
  5. Securing the Tiles: Avoid using nails to fix the tile but gently push them in their place to have secure fixture.
  6. Final Finishing: Follow this process for all the damaged tiles and take a final look at any leftovers or damaged parts that need to be removed from the roof.
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Roof Spamming Signs – Check out for These before Hiring One

Flat Roofing

Roof Spamming Signs – Check out for These before Hiring One

Roof spam is quite common in storm-prone areas and people are time and again alerted about how they perform their methods to trick people into stealing their money. While there is an endless list of legitimate Phoenix flat roofing companies, some spammers also find their way into the areas and deceit people, especially those who are first timers in getting a Phoenix flat roof repair done for their homes. Contacting homeowners directly is an easier way to initiate a scam apart from varied roof spamming signs that can easily distinguish dishonest roofers from trustworthy Phoenix flat roof contractors.

Roof Spamming Signs

  • Asking for payment up front

    No legitimate roofer would ask for a deposit and dash before commencing their jobs. A genuine contractor will follow the process of inspection, estimate of cost and will forward request to make a down payment to buy supplies and labor.

  • Lowest quoted price

    It is often the case that the price quoted by these contactors is much less than what any Flat roofing company Arizona would give. This brings the homeowners into trusting them contractors immediately who are looking for the best deal. Always be aware of such roofing extortion and be safe from giving your hard earned money into such baseless hasty deals.

  • Appearing after a storm

    The demand for roofers immediately rise after a storm, thus these spammers mostly take round of the area wherein they know that homemakers would jump at an alluring deal of roof fix. They take advantage of the situation and knit a scam by going from door to door to offer their services and passing out required information, promising cheap roof repair.

  • Free Roof Inspection

    None of the genuine flat roofing contractors in Peoria AZ would appear for an inspection until they receive a request or a quote. They will talk homeowners into arranging for an immediate payment to begin the work as soon as possible but never show up once they take the money.

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Tips to Ascertain Quality Roof Installation

Roof Installation Tips

Tips to Ascertain Quality Roof Installation

Roofing job demands professional teamwork and precision in order to last for years to come. There are many things that differentiate an expert’s job from sloppy work. Collating the feedback, suggestions and recommendations of those who have undergone roofing job. An expert roofing contractor will always do quality roof installation whereas an inexperienced person will just complete his job regardless of the quality.

Avoid These Mistakes for Quality Roof Installation

  • Shoddy Job: Many scam roofing companies don’t care how the end job would look like. They end up installing roofs featuring ragged-cut edges, wavy rows, which can be easily assessed as a bad job done. Seeing this from a distance, or from a neighbor window these deficiencies can be easily noticed. Such flaws will withdraw the roof’s ability to safeguard the home against environmental effects. Some roofers just hurry in finishing the job, apply shortcuts and miss out on important aspects which ensure that roof is installed properly to stand against the leaks.
  • Falter on Clearing Debris and Obstructions from the Roof Deck: It is important that while taking out the old roof, the nails or staples are also pulled-out of the sheathing. In case of default, the new roof is prone to experience punctures in the new shingles or underlayment. Some inefficient commercial roofing companies save time and hit the nails into the deck in place of removing them.
  • Placing the new roofing over insufficient sheathing: Homeowners who are looking forward to take this service in near future should always ensure that sheathing should be strong and sturdy to support new roof. Also, it should be re-nailed which forms an important part of the entire job of roof installation. Always include this job in the roof estimates, since this extra cost will safeguard the major cost being invested in the hob. Homeowners should always be prepared financially and must discuss the expectations with the roofing repair company Phoenix they are about to hire. Roof sheathing repair will consume a lot of costing but ignoring the sheathing issues will charge huge chunks of money from their pockets in the long run. So, its better be safe than sorry.
  • Improper Cleanup of the Site: Before choosing the most suitable company among all the shortlisted roofing companies in Phoenix AZ, it is important to know how they are going to wind up. Since the job involves taking off the nails and/or staples which no one would like to be disposed around the place not shoving them aside to the gutters. Also, it is impossible to manually pick-up the debris, so it is vital that the site cleaning job must be included in the overall package to ensure that roofers clean the entire site before the leaving the premises.
  • Inappropriate installation of Underlayments: As a matter of fact, roofs that are shingled properly often don’t require any underlayments. But in the case otherwise, it becomes important for the “air-tightening” of new homes to protect from extreme conditions. Make sure that the roofers take up underlayments as almost as important as shingles.


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How to Remove Damaged Shingles?


How to Remove Damaged Shingles?

Maintaining a roof’s intactness is the most crucial task while renovations or maintenance. Roof protects a home from adverse weather conditions and natural disasters; therefore, it’s important to repair it immediately. The broken shingles look ugly, and may cause some serious damage to the durability of a roof. Shingles could be damaged due to a wind storm, hail, water leakages, ageing etc. Repair or remove damaged shingles is quite a simple task that requires little efforts and some tools.

Tools required to remove damaged shingles –

  • Claw hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Pointed roofing trowel
  • Utility knife
  • Roofing cement
  • Tar paper
  • Roofing nails
  • Replacement shingles
  • Leather gloves

For removing the damaged shingles, pick a day with moderate weather, i.e. not too cold and not too warm. Unseal the broken shingles Using a knife or pry bar. When the shingles get loose, then gently lift them up to loosen the seal strip. With the help of pry bar, slowly lift the damaged shingles and remove the first row of nails pinned above the tab slots. Repeat this action to release the remaining nails.

Remove Damaged Shingles

Next, you have to push the pry bar beneath the damaged shingle and remove the nails of the second row, like you did earlier. Don’t try to pull out the heads of the nails from the shingles’ surface, as it may break them. Replace the damaged one with the new shingle by sliding up into place. Now, pin it with nails ½-inches above the holes of old nails from the centre, towards the top row. Seal the shingle by applying the roofing cement. Also, replace other damaged nails. If shingles get split or cracked, due to any reason, you can fix them by using adhesive, instead of replacing them completely.

Shingles are always prone to be cracked, curled, brittle or damaged. If shingle breaks down as you try to repair it, that indicates that the shingle or all the shingles fixed in that area need to be redone.

Precautions –

  • Cool shingles with a water pipe, in hot weather, eases the separation of shingle tabs.
  • Avoid bending the shingles excessively, in cold weather, as it might cause cracking.
  • If you don’t know how to repair the damaged shingles, don’t take risk, it’s better to consult a roofing professional.
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4 Signs Your Home Require New Roof

Commercial , Residential & Flat Roofing Contractor Company In Phoenix Arizona

4 Signs Your Home Require New Roof

If you are a home owner, you expect your roof to stay perfect as long as possible. Time to time certain roofing problems arises that require roof repair. Proper roof maintenance keep roof safe but once you avoid taking care of your roof; you may face some devastating situations. Whether a home owner gives full attention to a roof or not, there will come a time when the roof can’t be repaired anymore and it simply require new roof, means,  roof replacement. One must also check for the distinctiveness of a good roofer before hiring.

Signs Home Require Roof Replacement –


Check the outer walls of house, rafters and decking underneath the roof’s shingles, if these areas have stains. If yes, then there is an extreme need to replace the roof. Staining on house roof is an early sign of several problems like wood rot, moisture etc. The staining is very common in areas that face seasonal humidity and rains, so the house roof will be more susceptible to these elements and sooner or later need to be replaced.

Cracked or Curled Shingles:

If your roof is made of shingles and it’s been more than 12-15 years then closely inspect the roof. If there are many cracked or curled shingles then it is a serious sign and your home needs a new roof.

new roof

Sagging Roof:

There are numerous factors that lead to a sagging roof. Some of these factors are incorrectly ventilated roof, poor workmanship, incorrect installed roofing materials, undersized rafters and extreme weight. If your house roof is noticeably sagging then your roof needs to be replaced.

Visible Light:

Inspect your roof closely to check if there is any roof area through which light is coming. If yes, then it is a serious red flag to the roof’s health and your roof most probably needs replacement.

Phoenix Roofing Company

If you find such issues on your roof and feel that now your roof needs replacement then call Almeida Roofing Inc – Arizona’s Roofing Experts now. We have 35 years of experience in roofing industry. Call us to get the best professional roofing services.

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