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Residential Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing: A Brief on the Differences

Residential Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing: A Brief on the Differences

Residential Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing

There are many of us who find it hard to recognize the difference between a Residential Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing in Phoenix AZ. For them, all roofs are the same. But the truth is that there is an actual difference between a Residential Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing. Be it any type of roof, if there is damage it will cost your high to get the repair done or even for the replacement. In case you are planning to get the replacement of the roof done for you by any reliable commercial or residential roofing contractors then it is important on your part to know about the difference between the two. We are sharing 3 important facts which will help you to understand the difference between the Residential Roofing Vs Commercial Roofing.

1. Roofing Design:

The look of the Residential and commercial roofing systems vary mostly because of overall length and width of the building which needs to be covered. When you take a look at commercial roof you will find mostly it will be low sloped, or another case it is entirely flat. Many are not aware that Flat roofs always need routine inspections as well as maintenance. The pattern of a typical commercial roof needs to consider few factors which include an area which needs to be covered and also the weight of any equipment to be placed on it and load of snow pressure which the roof needs to accommodate. For residential roof concerns related to structural factors are very less.

2. Roofing Material:

The materials which are used by roofing services provider will differ based on the nature of the roofing project. It means if it is a commercial roof or residential roof by nature is important to know. You will come across some commercial buildings which make use of common roof coverings used for residential building, for example, wood or asphalt shingles. What is most important is the area of the roof. Selection of the materials needs to be done depending on the slope of the roof, occupancy, and also on the climatic conditions. Some of the popular materials for commercial roofs are:

  •  Asphalt, Tile, Slate, and Ceramic Shingles
  •  Wood blogs
  •  Metal Roofing
  •  Built-Up Roof
  •  Solar Shingles

3. Cost of Roofing:

The expenses that you need to bear as the cost of roofing for the commercial building will be at the higher end when compared to the residential building. The area of the commercial roof can be marked as the main cause for the high expenses. Use of advanced tools, protection equipment, and materials needed for the job is also more when compared to the residential roofing projects. The commercial flat roof repair costs are also more than the residential roof. You can hire roofing contractors to get work done at an affordable cost.


If you are looking for residential roofing or industrial roofing services then meet the experts of Almeida Roofing, Inc. This company is having a good reputation in the market for offering excellent services at affordable cost. Having knowledge about the roof differences will help you to supervise the roof repair or installation in Phoenix AZ project better. Do not compromise with cost when you want a durable roof which can serve you for no less than 20 years. Time to time maintenance will also enhance the durability period of the roofs.

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5 Roofing Tips you Must not Miss to Keep Your Home Safe

Roofing Company Reputation | Almeida Roofing

5 Roofing Tips you Must not Miss to Keep Your Home Safe

Being a homeowner, one of the biggest challenges is to maintain the roof of your dwelling and keep it strong for long. If you face roof leaking or insulation issues you must take it seriously because if not maintained by professional Roofing Contractor, you can put yourself in trouble. However, by considering the following tips, you can save your money and extend the life of your roof. Be it new Roof Installation or Roof Repair here are the essential roofing tips will help you in having a strong and sturdy roof for your home. So, scroll down and check out:

  1. In order to keep your roof safe and strong, you must make sure to clear the gutters and drains. The leaves, twigs and debris accumulation on the roof and drains can block water and melted snow from flowing out smoothly.
  2. Inspect the roof for rust, cracks, and holes. It can be dangerous during winters. First of all, get the roof cleared from any rust even if there is a little trace of it. Hire professional Roofing Company for the job. With the help f proper cleanup and anti-rust paint, the professionals can clear the rust even from the nuts or screws. They have professional equipment for removing the rust and greasing it before it gets worst. For small cracks and holes, instant repair is a must.
  3. If there are any signs of damages in shingles, make sure to immediately call the Roof Maintenance Company. This is because it can cause leaks in your dwelling. The moment you notice any damage, crack, wear or tear in the shingles either get it replaced or do the essential repair as soon as possible.

Concrete and Clay Tile Roofing

  1. When you hire the professional Roofing Company for new Roof Installation or Roof Repair, make sure to find the authentic ones. The market is full of people who can be frauds. So, if you don’t want to be scammed with unprofessional services, check the company’s reputation and their experience.
  2. Use good quality of material while getting the new Roof Installation because the life of a roof depends upon the kind of material you use. The supplies should come from the authentic store with a guarantee. Make sure to check the quality standards. Sometimes on the recommendation of the Roofing Contractor, you have hired, you get the material from just any store. So, don’t fall for cheap and alluring deals of money saving. It will cost you a lot in future.


With the above-mentioned tips on roofing, you can not only get the best quality roof installation for your home but enhance the life of the existing rooftop with proper cleaning and maintenance. It is advisable for you to seek the help and assistance of professional experts to get the roof repaired or freshly installed. Do not compromise for the price as there is no guarantee that low priced or high priced services will be best. Research on the market well before you go for hiring an expert for your service.
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Top 5 Essential Tips to Maintain Roof Before Snowfall


Top 5 Essential Tips to Maintain Roof Before Snowfall

The roof is an essential part of any house and it is designed to last for a long time. Depending upon the kind of material you use to build your roof and the way you keep your roof, you can add a good number of years to the roof of your home. Regular Roof Maintenance, proper cleaning, and inspections can save you from the time to time damage of the roof. Here are the few important tips for the maintenance of your roof and by following these tips you can keep your roof in a good condition even in harsh winter. So, if you are interested in the Roof Repair or maintenance, do check out the following tips. Scroll down and check out:

  1. Make sure to clear the roof before snowfall: When winter arrives, there are tree branches and leaves scattered all over the rooftops and when it is accumulated as debris and clogs the drains and gutter, it should be cleared immediately before it snows. For that, you must hire the Roofing Contractor from your area because if snow covers it, it can be very harmful to the roof. No matter how good the material is, it can corrode the top layer and damage the roof.

  2. Clear the drain pipes and gutters: Clean the drain pipes and gutters before the first snowfall because if it is clogged, the water will not melt away from the roof and it will keep the roof moist throughout the winter which is harmful to your health as well as the foundation of your home.

  3. Get the roof inspection done: Climbing on a roof with snow during winters is very dangerous. You can slip and break your bones, so make sure to avoid climbing up on the roof while it is slippery because of snow. You must inspect the roof for any leakages of holes before snowfall. Hiring the Roofing Company is a perfect option because they will do the proper inspection with essential tools required for the process. They will also notice the issues and give you the solutions if required.

  4. Install new roof before winter: If your home needs New Roof Installation, make sure to get it done before winter because it will be a tough task to get it done while snow is all around. Hire the professionals for this task and make sure to use the good quality materials so that the roof is sturdy and solid to bear the harshness of winter.

  5. Clear the roof after the snowfall: Don’t let snow sit on the roof for long. Make sure to contact the Roofing Contractor and clear the snow on the surface of the roof and drains. Professionals will do it within no time and there will be no risk of any damage.


Are you aware now as what you need to do to keep the roof safe in the winter months and especially after snowfalls? Ensure you hire the best service provider of the industry for all your roof related services.
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Steps to Repair a Concrete Tile Roof

concrete tile roof repair | Almeida Roofing

Steps to Repair a Concrete Tile Roof

If you have a concrete tiles fixed on your roof, which makes it appealingly beautiful and promises a longer shelf life, but have a strong chances of cracking when exposed to extreme temperature conditions, you will fall in dire need of Tile roof services in Phoenix every now and then. Well if your roof is damaged and is demanding immediate tile roof repair, there might not be any alternative but to replace damaged tiles.

If you have taken the tile roof cost estimate from a contractor which is high but are willing to perform the repair task on your own, below mentioned are certain important steps that can help you do the job just right. The entire task is simplified in a few steps which can help any novice to carry out Tile roofing repair Phoenix safely. All that they need are necessary tools and considering some safety precautions to repair a concrete tile roof like a pro.

  1. Safety is Vital: To begin the job, always ensure that you have important safety tools and garments such as leather gloves along with protective eye glasses. Have a firm ladder in place. While climbing on the tile roof, it is important to watch the step to avoid damaging other tiles.
  2. Replacing the Tile: In case of replacement, ensure that newly bought titles are exact match with the already installed concrete tile roof. Best it to know the tile’s model number and manufacturer details post which you can search the market to get the exact fit.
  3. Using a Crowbar: Place the crowbar below the damaged portion of tile and move it to the left hand tile tip to lift it. Proceed to slowly removing the same by applying light pressure on the tool.
  4. Placing the New Tile: Once extracted, gently place the new tile in the respective spot and snap it so that it gets fixed securely onto roof.
  5. Securing the Tiles: Avoid using nails to fix the tile but gently push them in their place to have secure fixture.
  6. Final Finishing: Follow this process for all the damaged tiles and take a final look at any leftovers or damaged parts that need to be removed from the roof.
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Roof Spamming Signs – Check out for These before Hiring One

Flat Roofing

Roof Spamming Signs – Check out for These before Hiring One

Roof spam is quite common in storm-prone areas and people are time and again alerted about how they perform their methods to trick people into stealing their money. While there is an endless list of legitimate Phoenix flat roofing companies, some spammers also find their way into the areas and deceit people, especially those who are first timers in getting a Phoenix flat roof repair done for their homes. Contacting homeowners directly is an easier way to initiate a scam apart from varied roof spamming signs that can easily distinguish dishonest roofers from trustworthy Phoenix flat roof contractors.

Roof Spamming Signs

  • Asking for payment up front

    No legitimate roofer would ask for a deposit and dash before commencing their jobs. A genuine contractor will follow the process of inspection, estimate of cost and will forward request to make a down payment to buy supplies and labor.

  • Lowest quoted price

    It is often the case that the price quoted by these contactors is much less than what any Flat roofing company Arizona would give. This brings the homeowners into trusting them contractors immediately who are looking for the best deal. Always be aware of such roofing extortion and be safe from giving your hard earned money into such baseless hasty deals.

  • Appearing after a storm

    The demand for roofers immediately rise after a storm, thus these spammers mostly take round of the area wherein they know that homemakers would jump at an alluring deal of roof fix. They take advantage of the situation and knit a scam by going from door to door to offer their services and passing out required information, promising cheap roof repair.

  • Free Roof Inspection

    None of the genuine flat roofing contractors in Peoria AZ would appear for an inspection until they receive a request or a quote. They will talk homeowners into arranging for an immediate payment to begin the work as soon as possible but never show up once they take the money.

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